(hereinafter referred to as the "Terms")


Simple Coin s.r.o., established U Pergamenky 1522/2, Holešovice, 170 00 Praha 7, ID: 01516558 (hereinafter referred to as "merchant") offers the sale and purchase of digital currencies, especially Bitcoin (hereinafter referred to as "digital currency") through their website www.simplecoin.eu.

Sale and purchase of digital currency

Sale and purchase of digital currencies (the "Transaction") is initiated by filling out the order form by the customer. The trader issues a confirmation of the order containing a limited time payment instructions for the digital currency, or money transfer. The confirmation is sent to the customer by email.

If the customer's obligation to pay the price of digital currency, or to transfer the digital currency into trader’s electronic wallet are met, within the period of validity of the order, the trader shall send the ordered amount of digital currency, or the price of digital currency immediately into the electronic wallet, or bank account specified in the order by the customer. The trader may by own acknowledgement accept orders paid even after the time provided. In this case he is to do so immediately after completing the above obligation of the customer.

If the customer obligation described above is met after the time provided and trader can no longer accept the original exchange rate, the customer will be emailed with a choice; he can either accept new conditions of the transaction or cancel the order. If the customer doesn’t decide on the offer without undue delay, the transaction is considered as canceled.

Method of payment

The Customer agrees to pay the price of digital currency by bank transfer from a bank account held in his name, or by cash deposit in the bank; customer can only offer digital currency for sale if it is in his possession and is sent from his electronic wallet. Payment transferred from a third party bank account, or payment of digital currency that is in the possession of a third party and / or from a third party electronic wallet is not permitted., Under no circumstances can the electronic currency payment be made directly from Bitcoin stock., Trader is not responsible for any damages caused to the customer as a result of a breach of those obligations.

Cancelling the order

The trader reserves the right to cancel a confirmed order without giving any reason. In this case, the amount paid by the, customer to purchase digital currencies, or the digital currency sent to the customer in an electronic wallet merchant will be returned to a bank account/electronic wallet, from which it was sent by the customer.

The customer has the right to cancel a confirmed order using a link from the email confirming the order without providing a reason, if the bank transfer for the digital currency has already been made, or the amount of Bitcoins to be sold was sent, but the corresponding amount has not yet been credited to the account/electronic wallet. In this case, the subsequently credited amount will be returned to the customer’s account from which it was sent. The trader does not charge any fees for these refunds, there are though charged for according to the valid price list of the relevant bank.

In accordance with § 1837 point. b) Law no. 89/2012 Coll., Civil Code, the customer can cancel the contract with the trader, under these conditions, as the price of digital currency, which is the subject of the contract depends on fluctuations of financial market, independently of the will of the trader.

Identification of the customer

Merchant of caution regarded as liable under § 2 of the Act no. 253/2008 Coll., On some measures against legalization, proceeds of crime and terrorist financing (hereinafter "ZpLV"), and therefore reserves the right to conduct customer identification by,§7 ZpLV, in the manner and in the cases provided for in § 8 ZpLV, i.e. if it is the transaction value in excess of the equivalent amount, 1.000 EUR or, notwithstanding this limit, always in respect of a suspicious transaction.

Customer identification is done by filling in the required information in the registration form and attaching proof of identity, (Proof of the existence of a legal entity), respectively other documents required.

Customer specifically agrees that the trader conducts the transaction in accordance with the above, in order to maintain security and transparency of transactions, as well as to protect the assets of other clients. He also agrees to provide the information required in the process of identification. Trader refuses to execute the transaction with the customer if the he denies to identify himself, does not make the identification process possible in any way, or in case of doubts about the veracity of the information supplied by the customer or the authenticity of documents submitted by him.

The risks of transactions

The customer is fully aware of all the risks associated with digital currency and its maintenance, especially taking into account the risk of fluctuations in the price or value of the digital currency and the possibility of significant changes in the amount of the investment in digital currency. The customer is also aware that the current legal regulation of digital currency and trading is general and not entirely satisfactory. The interpretation of the applicable legal standards might change in the future, therefore, if there are changes in the terms, they must be fully respected.

Trader's accountability limitation

The trader guarantees the customer that the transaction will be executed or cancelled. The transactions are considered valid once the ordered digital currency is sent into the account of the electronic wallet; or when the amount of money corresponding to the purchased digital currency is transferred to, the bank account, or electronic wallet specified by the customer in the order.

If a transaction cannot be delivered for any reason, the customer will receive a refund of the amount of the purchase price of digital currency, or the digital currency immediately to the bank account, or electronic wallet, from which it was paid.

Trader is not responsible for any damage or loss incurred by the consumer as a result of providing wrong electronic wallet address, or bank account number, loss, theft or misuse of the password to the electronic wallet or bank account, or e-mail account, Internet, P2P network failure, digital currency, or due to negligence of the customer or a third party., The trader is also not responsible for customer’s intentional infringement of the applicable law, or Terms and purchase agreement concluded by customers acceptance of the order.

The trader is not responsible for damage and injury caused by natural force, or as a result of decisions of the courts, prosecution, police and other administrative organs of the state, nor for any damage or loss affecting the customer due to changes in legislation.


Delivered transaction can be claimed only in situations and ways stipulated by current law.


Trader processes personal data in accordance with the Act no. 101/2000 Coll., On the protection of personal data in the current version, (Hereinafter the "Privacy policy") and as an administrator duly registered with the Office for Personal Data Protection under the registration number, 00,054,530 .

The customer agrees to the collection, preservation and process of personal data contained in the order and registration, Form trader for the purposes set out below. This approval is granted for all data contained in the form, (Name, social security number or date of birth, address, bank account number, email, phone, ip address, and more, Personal information entered in the identity card / document establishing a legal entity), and for the whole period from the date of grant, consent to the revocation or termination of the website www.simplecoin.cz according to § 20 APPD. The customer is aware of his rights in accordance with § 12 and 21 APPD and declares that he is familiar with all parts of the order form, and that the filled data is accurate, true and provided voluntarily.

customer consent to the processing of personal data may be revoked at the request of the customer sent to email merchant info@simplecoin.cz.

If a customer believes that trader has violated the law while processing his personal data, he may ask the trader for explanation or possibly finding a solution of the situation. Such assumption should be reported to an a-mail address shown above.

In accordance with § 5 APPD, all data contained in the form is collected and processed solely for the purpose of carrying out transactions, and sending commercial messages to the customer via electronic means according to Act no. 480/2004 Coll., on certain information society services.

Merchant declares that it will collect personal information to the extent necessary to fulfill the defined purpose and process, only in accordance with the purpose for which they were collected. Employees merchant or other individuals who process, personal data under contract with the trader, and others are required to maintain the confidentiality of personal data, even, after termination of employment or work according to § 15 APPD.

The provision of personal data is voluntary, however, in the case of personal information requested in the order or registration form, their provision trader is a condition for the transaction. If the client refuses to provide the data may be canceled, Trade postponed by up to two calendar months.

Validity of the terms

Trader reserves the right to modify these Terms and Conditions due to changes in legislation, market and economic conditions in, trading digital currency in order to allow proper functioning of the trader’s website and services. Customers will be notified about the changes made in the Terms through a publication on the trader’s website.

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